Respiratory mask NTF with filter - pack 10pcs

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Composition: PP, PS 70%, PA 30% RECOMMENDED: Use a washing bag for washing. FACE PROTECTION MASK… Více

Objednací číslo: PRNLTX UST13

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Composition: PP, PS 70%, PA 30%
RECOMMENDED: Use a washing bag for washing.


Protection against non-toxic and low to medium toxic solid and liquid aerosols (eg oil droplets) in concentrations up to 12 x PEL I OEL or 10 x APF . Replace the respirator with a new one after 2 hours of wearing . The washing temperature is up to 95'C, at lower temperatures disinfectants can be used for washing. Respiratory mask material polypropylene , polyester and polyamide , tolerates dry cleaning. Do not bleach. When washing, we recommend using a washing bag to avoid tangling the laces. Up to 50 wash cycles can be achieved with gentle washing. Attention , we only iron up to 11O 'C! Let the respirator dry freely, or use a tumble dryer for the gentlest program.

Always make sure that the product is:
• Suitable for the application
• Fitted correctly
• Worn throughout the exposure
• Replaced when needed

For optimal protection of the user against certain contaminants contained in the air, it is essential to chaose the right protective equipment , proper user training and adherence to follow the instructions for use and store the product properly. Failure to follow these instructions or improper handling of the respiratory protective equipment while the user is in a contaminated environment can have adverse health effects and lead to serious illness, permanent disability, or death.
1. Before using this product , consult a hygienist or safety technician to see if it meets your needs.
2. This product does not supply oxygen . Use only in adequately ventilated areas containing
sufficient oxygen to sustain life. Do not use this product if the oxygen concentration is below 19%.
3. Do not use if the concentration of pollutants directly endangers health or life.
4. Do not use in an explosive atmosphere .
5. lmmediately leave the work area and seek fresh air if (a) breathing becomes difficult, or (b) dizziness or other nausea occurs.
6. The protective effect of the product may be reduced by the beard or hair on the face or certain prominent facial features .
7. Under no circumstances should you change or modify the product.

Before putting on the respirator , you should wash your hands thoroughly to avoid contaminating the inside of the respirator.
The respirator must be placed over the mouth, nose and cheeks so that it is tight everywhere. Tighten and tie the fixation straps properly. We recommend trying the "cross" binding, when you combine the binding of the upper and lower fixing laces.
Before taking action , you should test for a while whether you are wearing a respirator properly and that you can breathe "normally" .
The hydrated respirator must be removed immediately or replaced .
Pathogens may stick to the outside of the respirator used.
After removing the respirator , you should wash your hands with soap for at least 20-30 seconds .
Washing machine
If you use a reusable mouth-nose protection, it should be put in the washing machine immediately after use, as soon as you have removed it. We wash the face mask separately from other washes in a wash bag. For washing, we use a normal cleaning agent with a disinfectant effect. Do not use chlorine bleach. The wash should be carried out at least 60 ° C (min. 30 min.), 95 ° C is better.

Hand wash - water bath - UP TO 50 CYCLES!!!
We soak the face mask in water and let it boil on the stove in a water bath (5 minutes), then cool in the water and then let the face mask dry.
The mouthguard can be ironed.
Attention, the temperature of the curling must not exceed 110 ° C. Curl the fabric of the mask from both sides.

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